TCU Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Document Name Review Date
Information Security Services  
TCU Information Security Policy   
TCU Sensitive Personal Information (SPI) Policy  
TCU Network and Computer Usage Policy 07/01/2011 
TCU Computing Password Policy 07/24/2008  
TCU IT Incident Response Policy  
TCU IT Remote Access Policy  
TCU Non-IT Server Policy  
TCU Credit Card Security Procedure   
TCU PeopleSoft Security Policies and Procedures  03/17/2008  
TCU IT - Statement on the Use of Smartphones and PDA's on the TCU Network  09/23/2008 
TCU IT - Statement on why IT will not register personal machines on TCU network 02/11/2008 
TCU IT - Statement of who can get a TCU account  02/11/2008 
TCU’s HEOA P2P Response Plan  08/31/2010
Digital Copyright Information 08/31/2010 
Blocked IP Addresses and Ports   
Informtion Technology - Purchasing  
TCU Policy for Technology Acquisitions 04/12/2004 
TCU IT Computer Replacement Program  
Information Technology  
TCU IT Disaster Recovery   
TCU IT AGOT Delegate Guidelines 02/11/2008 
Additional TCU Policies   
TCU Privacy of Information Policy   
TCU Emergency Procedures   
TCU Risk Management   
TCU Intellectural Property Policy and Procedure   
TCU Web Policy   
TCU Alarm Systems Control Procedure  06/01/2003 
TCU IP Video Surveillance System Standards, Procedures and Appropriate Use Policy