AGOT – Authorized Guests of TCU

Internet access is available for temporary use by authorized guests of the University. Guest access is not designed for use by faculty, staff or students.

Access to AGOT

  • To enable wireless laptop access, setup the wireless client utility to connect to “TCU Guest “. Otherwise, attach a network cat 5 cable from the computer to a designated network port.
  • Start the computer and open a web browser.
  • At the Login page, enter the User Name and Password.
  • Check the box: I accept terms of the computer use policy and click Log In.


  • The User Name and Password cannot be used on two computers at the same time.
  • Access will time-out if there is no activity. You will need to login again if time-out occurs.
  • User Name and Passwords are assigned by TCU Sponsors:
    • Admissions – Candace Morrison
    • Alumni – Cheryl Cobb or Stephany Chastine
    • Athletics – Andy Anderson or Brandie Davidson or  Joe Monaco
    • Brite – Nancy Grieser
    • Brown-Lupton University Union – Shawn Wagner, Mike Russel
    • Campus Ministries – Angela Kaufman or Cindy Rodriguez
    • Campus Police – Kelly Ham
    • Career Services – Camille Sholars
    • College of Communications – Dorenda Kesler
    • College of Science and Engineering – Kathy Ferguson, Magnus Rittby
    • Conference Services – Flo Hill
    • Energy Institute – Veronica Merrill, Ken Morgan
    • Executive guests – Rubin Chanlatte
    • Extended Education – David Grebel
    • Financial Aid – Mike Scott
    • Financial Services – Henry Sanchez, Evie Richardson
    • Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences – Charles Dewar
    • Institute of Behavioral Research (IBR) – Kevin Knight
    • Instructional Services – Clif Overton
    • Library – Kerry Bouchard or Brenda Barnes (Alums can contact the sponsr listed above for Alumni)
    • Marketing & Communications – Margaret Kelly or Nancy Styles or Tracy Syler-Jones
    • Physical Plant – Walt Redding
    • School of Business – Chuck Miller, Cliff Jorgensen, Bryan Beckman
    • School of Education – Murielle Wright
    • School of Journalism – Steve Levering
    • School of Music – Richard Gipson
    • Student Affairs –  Michael Selman
    • Student Development Services – Robin Williamson
    • TCU Institute of Child Development – Vicki Lindsey