CyberSecurity is a shared responsibility, and everyone can take a few simple steps to make your Internet use more secure. Find out more by clicking on the image.


Information Security Services is responsible for helping the university and its users better safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their electronic data. We work with the other groups within Information Technology and the university to provide security along with privacy to the users, computers, servers, networks and electronic applications used throughout the university.

TCU Information Security Services reminds users:

  • Be skeptical of all emails even those in your TCU email inbox
  • Be careful about what information you share or post on sites. Assume anyone may be able to see it
  • Remember that once information is put out on the internet it can never be entirely removed
  • TCU will never send you an email asking you for your TCU password
    Check the “reply-to address”
  • Never click on links contained in emails, copy them to your browser if you trust them
  • Report any questionable emails to


To inquire about requesting a special computer security awareness training session for your TCU department, unit or group, please email We are happy to assist you with training on SPI, basic awareness, and other issues that relate to your security needs.


Please forward all Phishing emails to our security office by sending the message to If you have fallen prey to a phishing email, please reset your password immediately and contact the IT Support HelpDesk.