Technology Resources has noted a dramatic increase in phishing attacks. These attacks target faculty, staff and students with extremely specific and sophisticated emails that often look very legitimate.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • Do NOT click links in emails.  Type the address directly into web browser.
  • Do NOT reply to emails requesting Username and Password or any other personal information.
  • Your TCU username and password should only be used at sites.

Look at the address between the // and the first / – it should end with



  • When TCU upgrades its computer or email systems Technology Resources will NEVER send a link inside an email which will go to a website requesting that you login or enter your username and password. If a login is necessary we will just tell you what site you need to go to (i.e. with no link to click on.
  • TCU Technology Resources, including the computer help desk and information security services, will NEVER ask you for your password via email, the phone or in person.
  • You can report suspected phishing emails to

Recent Phishing Examples:

Never reply to an email requesting your username and password.

The link attached to this email takes you to a fake website.


In the past we have had several students, faculty and staff fall victim to these types of attacks.  This has seriously compromised their network and email accounts as well as the TCU email system. Previous attacks resulted in 120,000 spam emails being sent from TCU and our email system was temporarily blacklisted by several third party email systems. This Security Alert is intended to prevent this type of disruption.

Please remember, be suspicious of any unsolicited emails asking for information and do not click on links within emails.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Computer Help Desk at ext. 6855.